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Don Quixote Experience Day Tour from Madrid

Discover La Mancha, homeland of Don Quixote, Belmonte, Mota Del Cuervo and the village of El Toboso, where according to recent research Miguel de Cervantes was inspired for some of its neighbors to write the most famous novel of all time, “The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha”. Visit the Castle of Belmonte, completely restored and will know how the life of a medieval knight was, the heroes of the stories that did Don Quixote went mad. La Mancha is a land of great wines. You will make a stop along the way to visit the winery MontReaga in Monreal Del Llano. After the guided tour, will enjoy a tasting of their best wines. Enjoy a typical lunch at a traditional inn –“mesón”- at Mota del Cuervo. After lunchtime you will visit its famous windmills, who witnessed the battle of Don Quixote against the Giants of his imagination. In there is wind enough, you will see how the flour was traditionally made –“molienda”- from the wheat. The tour will end at El Toboso, the village of Dulcinea, the love of Don Quixote. El Toboso houses the Cervantes Museum, which keep hundreds of Don Quixote translated editions in almost all the languages in the World. And a lot of copies of the great book signed by many international personalities from different countries and eras. The House-Museum of Dulcinea Del Toboso faithfully replicates how was the home of a knight in the times of Cervantes, as it would have been the house of Don Alonso Quijano “El Quixote”. From El Toboso you will return to Madrid, saying good-bye to an extraordinary journey in La Mancha, the land of Don Quixote.

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Summer Magic Nights Wine Tour

Spain is the country of the “Fiesta” Few like Hemingway wrote about the Spanish Fiesta as he did. In Spain "Fiestas" are amazing. It is a country that lives from "Fiesta to “Fiesta”Our Fiestas are ussually in summer. That is the time when locals are getting back to the village or town they were born. Watching them having fun you can understand better and get in love with those towns. This is what we have been doing in the past in the Winebus in Summer.We go first to a winery. We start the season going to a winery and then to Pedraza and its fiesta de las Velas. And we also go on the second week end to the International concert of Country that there is in Riaza. And then to enjoy Avila and its wonderful nights. We have also enjoyed a wonderful night harvest with a music concert in the winery. We have gone to the castle of Belmonte to enjoy the world medieval Championship We have been present when the conmemoration of how the world was divided into two countries as Portugal and Spain, 1494. And we pretend to go much further. We might jump into the fast speed train to experience the best of the best of this country that does not stop surprising to us. And we strongly believe that everything is more beautiful with a glass of wine in hand.We want our foreign visitors to enjoy as if they were locals. Because this is the best way in our oppinion to enjoy this country. As Hemingway used to do.The whole country is a feast. But there is a task of choosing the best. And of course all that fiestas are are much more beautiful if you have a glass of wine in hand. Will you come with us?This could be the schedule:Depart from Madrid (Plaza del Conde de Casal) Visit to a winery and tasting of its wines.We go to a city in "fiestas"Dinner (tapas and wine)Enjoying a town in "fiestas" with a glass of wine in handReturn to Madrid,