Top Choice Viewpoint in Bares Peninsula

'Best Bank of the World'

West along the Loiba clifftops from Praia do Picón, two benches after 200m and 400m afford magnificent panoramas along the jagged coast all the way from the Punta da Estaca de Bares to Cabo Ortegal. The second bench…
Top Choice Area in Bares Peninsula

Punta da Estaca de Bares

From the lighthouse near the tip pf the Bares peninsula, a 500m trail follows the spine of a rock outcrop to the Punta da Estaca de Bares, Spain's most northerly point, with awe-inspiring cliffs and fabulous panoram…
Beach in Bares Peninsula

Praia do Picón

A few kilometres southwest of the Bares Peninsula, some of Spain's most dramatic and least-known beaches are strung along the foot of the spectacular Acantilados de Loiba cliffs. Easiest to reach is Praia do Picón, …