Top things to do

Top Choice Mexican in Barceloneta & the Waterfront


Chef Joan Bagur trained in Mexico for a decade under traditional cooks, and has his own garden of Mexican plants, which supplies ingredients for culinary creations like coyoacán (roast corn with chilli ash) and coch…
Top Choice Museum in Barceloneta & the Waterfront

Museu Marítim

The city's maritime museum occupies Gothic shipyards – a remarkable relic from Barcelona's days as the seat of a seafaring empire. Highlights include a full-scale 1970s replica of Don Juan of Austria’s 16th-century …
Top Choice Seafood in Barceloneta & the Waterfront

La Barra de Carles Abellán

Catalan chef Carles Abellán's stunning glass-encased, glossy-tiled restaurant celebrates seafood in tapas such as pickled octopus, mini anchovy omelettes and fried oyster with salmon roe. Even more show-stopping are…
Top Choice Seafood in Barceloneta & the Waterfront

Can Solé

Behind imposing wooden doors, this elegant restaurant with white-clothed tables and white-jacketed waiters has been serving seafood since 1903, and is now run by the fourth generation of owners. Freshly landed seafo…
Top Choice Catalan in Barceloneta & the Waterfront

Can Recasens

One of El Poblenou's most romantic settings, Can Recasens hides a warren of warmly lit rooms full of oil paintings, flickering candles, fairy lights and baskets of fruit. The food is outstanding, with a mix of salad…
Top Choice Seafood in Barceloneta & the Waterfront


Billowing with smoke beneath a tajine-like metal lid, smouldering herbs infuse the rice of Minyam's signature Vulcanus (smoked seafood paella with squid ink). Tapas dishes at this stylish, contemporary El Poblenou r…
Top Choice Wine Bar in Barceloneta & the Waterfront


Since opening in 2017, this fabulous wine bar has been jam-packed with locals. Hams hang from the ceilings, barrels of vermouth sit above the bar and wine bottles cram every available shelf space – over 200 varietie…
Top Choice Beach in Barceloneta & the Waterfront

El Poblenou Platges

A series of broad, sandy beaches stretches northeast from the Port Olímpic marina. They are largely artificial, but that doesn't deter the millions of sunseekers and swimmers from descending in summer.
Aquarium in Barceloneta & the Waterfront


It's hard not to shudder at the sight of a shark gliding above you, displaying its toothy, wide-mouthed grin. But this, the 80m shark tunnel, is the highlight of one of Europe’s largest aquariums. It has the world’s…
Museum in Barceloneta & the Waterfront

Museu d’Història de Catalunya

Inside the Palau de Mar, this worthwhile museum takes you from the Stone Age through to the early 1980s. It's a busy hotchpotch of dioramas, artefacts, videos, models, documents and interactive bits: all up, an ente…