Most hotels and public institutions have wheelchair access. All buses in Barcelona are wheelchair accessible and a growing number of metro stations are theoretically wheelchair accessible (generally by lift, although there have been complaints that they are only good for people with prams). Of 158 stations, all but 15 are completely adapted (you can check which ones by looking at a network map at Ticket vending machines in metro stations are adapted for disabled travellers, and have Braille options for those a with visual impairment.

Several taxi companies have adapted vehicles, including Taxi Amic and Green Taxi.

Most street crossings in central Barcelona are wheelchair-friendly.

Tourist Information & Resources

For information on what the city is doing to improve accessibility, check out the council's Accessible Barcelona Guide in several languages (

Other services include the following:

Barcelona Turisme Barcelona's official tourism organisation maintains a website devoted to making the city accessible to visitors with a disability.

ONCE The national organisation for the vision-impaired can help with information, including lists of places such as restaurants where Braille menus are provided.

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