Top Choice Bar in El Raval

La Confitería

This is a trip into the 19th century. Until the 1980s it was a confectioner’s shop, and although the original cabinets are now lined with booze, the look of the place barely changed with its conversion. A recent ref…
Bar in El Raval

Bar Marsella

Bar Marsella has been in business since 1820, and has served the likes of Hemingway, who was known to slump here over an absenta (absinthe). The bar still specialises in absinthe, a drink to be treated with respect.
Cafe in El Raval

Granja M Viader

For more than a century, people have been coming here for hot chocolate with whipped cream (ask for a suís) ladled out in this classically Catalan milk bar. In 1931, the Viader clan invented Cacaolat, a bottled choc…
Bar in El Raval

Bar Pastís

A French cabaret theme (with lots of Piaf on the stereo) pervades this tiny, cluttered classic, which has been going, on and off, since the end of WWII. You’ll need to be in before 9pm to have any hope of sitting or…
Bar in El Raval

Casa Almirall

In business since the 1860s, this unchanged corner bar is dark and intriguing, with Modernista decor and a mixed clientele. There are some great original pieces in here, such as the marble counter, and the cast-iron…
Bar in El Raval

Bar La Concha

This place is dedicated to the actress Sara Montiel: the walls groan with more than 250 photos of the sultry star, now surrounding an incongruous large-screen TV. La Concha used to be a largely gay and transvestite …
Cocktail Bar in El Raval


Good things come in small packages and this dark, teeny cocktail bar confirms the rule. The mostly black decor lures in a largely student set to try out the cocktails, among them, of course, the celebrated Negroni, …
Bar in El Raval


Once a haunt of visiting US Navy boys, this exercise in Americana kitsch is the perfect way to finish an evening – if you can squeeze in. All sorts of odd bods from the barri and beyond gather here. An institution i…
Bar in El Raval

Betty Ford's

This enticing corner bar is one of several good stops along the student-jammed run of Carrer de Joaquín Costa. It puts together some nice cocktails and the place fills with an even mix of locals and foreigners, gene…
Bar in El Raval


The golden hues of this backlit bar and restaurant beckon seductively through the glass facade. There are various distinct spaces, decorated in different but equally sumptuous styles, and a pool table next to the ba…