Top Choice Museum in Barceloneta & the Waterfront

Museu Marítim

The city's maritime museum occupies Gothic shipyards – a remarkable relic from Barcelona's days as the seat of a seafaring empire. Highlights include a full-scale 1970s replica of Don Juan of Austria’s 16th-century …
Top Choice Beach in Barceloneta & the Waterfront

El Poblenou Platges

A series of broad, sandy beaches stretches northeast from the Port Olímpic marina. They are largely artificial, but that doesn't deter the millions of sunseekers and swimmers from descending in summer.
Aquarium in Barceloneta & the Waterfront


It's hard not to shudder at the sight of a shark gliding above you, displaying its toothy, wide-mouthed grin. But this, the 80m shark tunnel, is the highlight of one of Europe’s largest aquariums. It has the world’s…
Museum in Barceloneta & the Waterfront

Museu d’Història de Catalunya

Inside the Palau de Mar, this worthwhile museum takes you from the Stone Age through to the early 1980s. It's a busy hotchpotch of dioramas, artefacts, videos, models, documents and interactive bits: all up, an ente…
Museum in Barceloneta & the Waterfront

Museu Can Framis

Set in an 18th-century former textile factory, this contemporary museum is a showcase for Catalan painting from the 1960s onwards. The galleries display some 300 works, arranged in thought-provoking ways – with evoc…
Brewery in Barceloneta & the Waterfront

Edge Brewing

Founded by two Americans in 2013, Edge Brewing has racked up some impressive awards for its craft beers (among other accolades, named it the top new brewer in the world the year after it opened). Two-ho…
Museum in Barceloneta & the Waterfront

Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

Barcelona's design museum lies inside a monolithic contemporary building with geometric facades and a rather brutalist appearance that's nicknamed la grapadora (the stapler) by locals. Inside, it houses a dazzling c…
Viewpoint in Barceloneta & the Waterfront

Mirador de Colom

High above the swirl of traffic navigating the roundabout below, Christopher Columbus keeps permanent watch, pointing vaguely out to the Mediterranean from this Corinthian-style iron column built for the 1888 Univer…
Beach in Barceloneta & the Waterfront

Platja de la Barceloneta

Just east of its namesake neighbourhood, Barceloneta's golden-sand beach is beloved by sunseekers, and has ample eating and drinking options just inland when you need a bit of refreshment.
Park in Barceloneta & the Waterfront

Parc del Centre del Poblenou

Barcelona is sprinkled with parks whose principal element is concrete, and Jean Nouvel's 5-hectare Parc del Centre del Poblenou, with its statuary and stylised metal seats, is no exception. However, the park's Gaudí…