Baena attractions

Workshop in Baena

Almazara Núñez de Prado

A good reason to come to Baena is to visit this working olive-oil mill, run by a family who own around 100,000 olive trees. Olives are hand-picked to prevent bruising, then pulped in ancient stone mills. Núñez de Pr…
Castle in Baena

Castillo de Baena

The heavily restored 15th- to 16th-century castle-palace sits right on top of the hill over which Baena spreads. Abandonment and the construction of water tanks inside the castle in the 20th century destroyed nearly…
Museum in Baena

Museo del Olivar y el Aceite

Baena's olive-oil museum, in an old mill, features a traditional oil press in working order, and has displays on the many uses of olives and their oil.
Museum in Baena

Museo Histórico y Arqueológico

The well-displayed archaeological museum features some interesting Iberian and Roman statuary and pottery.