Villa Romana La Dehesa

Ruins in Around Soria

This interpretation centre sits atop the site of an ancient Roman villa where stunning floor mosaics were found. The visit begins with a video presentation (in Spanish) of the villa's history, followed by a small museum of artefacts discovered at the site, before concluding with a walk along elevated walkways that overlook the remaining mosaics; the most spectacular mosaic now resides in Madrid's Museo Arqueológico. The house, which was first unearthed in the 1930s, once covered 4000 sq metres.

The mosaics are mostly geometric in design; unusually, many have the Roman family's crest as a centrepiece. Guided tours (€4) sometimes run in summer.

The villa is a few kilometres off the SO100. The two turnoffs are signposted around 18km southwest of Soria or 30km north of Berlanga de Duero.