Top things to do in Astorga

Top Choice Castilian in Astorga

Restaurante Las Termas

This lunchtime restaurant is run by Santiago (a popular name in these parts), who, apart from being a charming host, oversees a menu renowned for the quality of its cocido maragato (€22) and ensalada maragata (salad…
Museum in Astorga

Museo del Chocolate

Proof that Astorga does not exist solely for the virtuous souls of the Camino comes in the form of this quirky private museum. Chocolate ruled Astorga's local economy in the 18th and 19th centuries; this eclectic co…
Museum in Astorga

Palacio Episcopal

Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí left his mark on Astorga in the fairy-tale turrets and frilly facade of the Palacio Episcopal. Built in the 19th century, it now houses the Museo de los Caminos (in the basement), an e…
Cathedral in Astorga


The cathedral’s striking plateresque southern facade is created from caramel-coloured sandstone with elaborate sculptural detail. Work began in 1471 and continued over three centuries, resulting in a mix of styles. …
Basque in Astorga


The modern steely-grey-and-black bar here is generally packed with locals, who come for the palate-pleasing pintxos, as well as more substantial mains that range from tasty salads to innovative takes on traditional …
Contemporary Spanish in Astorga

Restaurante Serrano

The menu at upmarket Restaurante Serrano has a subtle gourmet flourish, with fresh summery starters, innovative meat and fish mains and plenty of tempting desserts with chocolate. It also serves cocido maragato and …
Food in Astorga

Confitería Mantecadas Velasco

The word among locals-in-the-know is that Confitería Mantecadas Velasco serves some of the best mantecadas and other pastries in Astorga. We've tried them and who are we to argue? It's an obligatory part of the Cast…
Spanish in Astorga

Casa Maragata

One of the better (and hence more popular) restaurants serving cocido maragato. In fact, it doesn't serve much else. There's another branch across town you can head to if this one's full. It also does a gluten-free …
Museum in Astorga

Museo Romano

Housed in the Roman ergástula (slave prison), the Museo Romano has a modest selection of artefacts and an enjoyable big-screen slide show on Roman Astorga.
Religious in Astorga

Festividad de Santa Marta

The sacred and the profane mix seamlessly as Astorga celebrates its patron saint with fireworks and bullfights. Last week of August.