Top things to do in Around Valladolid

Top Choice Spanish in Toro

Asador Castilla

Excellent service, roasted meats (the cabrito – roasted goat kid – is a speciality) and a pleasantly modern dining area make this a good choice. It's barely 50m from Plaza Mayor.
Convent in Tordesillas

Real Convento de Santa Clara

Still home to a few Franciscan nuns living in near-total isolation, this Mudéjar-style convent dates from 1340, when it was begun as a palace for Alfonso XI. In 1494, the Treaty of Tordesillas was signed here. A 50-…
Church in Medina de Rioseco

Iglesia de Santa María de Mediavilla

This grandiose Isabelline Gothic work has three star-vaulted naves and the rightfully famous Capilla de los Benavente chapel. Anchored by an extravagant altarpiece by Juan de Juní and carved over eight years from 15…
Church in Toro

Colegiata Santa María La Mayor

This 12th-century church rises above the town and boasts the magnificent Romanesque-Gothic Pórtico de la Majestad. Treasures inside include the famous 15th-century painting Virgen de la mosca (Virgin of the Fly) in …
Museum in Tordesillas

Museo del Tratado de Tordesillas

Dedicated to the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas, which divided the world into Spanish and Portuguese spheres of influence, the informative displays in this museum look at the world as it was before and after the treaty,…
Museum in Around Valladolid

Pagos del Rey

This fine, state-of-the-art wine museum is a welcome addition to Castilla y León's world of wine tourism, offering a fascinating insight into the Toro wine-producing area with plenty of opportunities to try (and buy…
Museum in Medina de Rioseco

Museo de Semana Santa

Medina de Rioseco is famous for its Easter processions, but if you can't be here during Holy Week, this museum provides an insight into the ceremonial passion of Easter here. Like its sister museum in Zamora, it's d…
Castilian in Toro

Hotel Juan II

The restaurant at Hotel Juan II (mains €15 to €21), specialising in hearty meat dishes, is one of Toro's best. The food is on a par with other good places around town, but there's an informal bar with a pretty terra…
Tapas in Toro

La Esquina de Colas

Artfully conceived tapas lined up along the bar (try the marinated sardines) and a full list of toasts topped with all manner of tasty morsels make this Toro's best place for tapas.
Church in Medina de Rioseco

Museo de San Francisco

This 16th-century former convent has an extravagant retablo (altarpiece) by Fray Jacinto de Sierra, as well as a wide-ranging collection of sacred art. Tours in Spanish.