Around Soria attractions

Ruins in Around Soria

Numancia's Roman Ruins

The mainly Roman ruins of Numancia, just outside the village of Garray (8km north of Soria), are all that remains of a city that proved one of the most resistant to Roman rule. Finally Scipio, who had crushed Cartha…
Ruins in Calatañazor

Castillo de Calatañazor

Towering above the village is the one-time Muslim fortress that gave Calatañazor its name (which comes from the Arabic Qala'at an-Nassur, literally 'The Vulture's Citadel'). Now in ruins, it has exceptional views fr…
Ruins in Around Soria

Villa Romana La Dehesa

This interpretation centre sits atop the site of an ancient Roman villa where stunning floor mosaics were found. The visit begins with a video presentation (in Spanish) of the villa's history, followed by a small mu…