Top things to do in Around Segovia

Top Choice Castle in Around Segovia

Coca Castle

A typically dusty, inward-looking Castilian village 50km northwest of Segovia, Coca is presided over by a stunning, all-brick 15th-century castle, a virtuoso piece of Gothic-Mudéjar architecture complete with a deep…
Palace in Around Segovia

La Granja de San Ildefonso

These magnificent, elaborate baroque gardens – famous for their 28 extravagant fountains depicting ancient myths – date from 1720, when French architects and gardeners, together with some Italian help, began laying …
Music in Pedraza de la Sierra

Concierto de las Velas

On the first and second Sunday in July, Pedraza hosts the atmospheric Concierto de las Velas and has done since 1993 – the electricity is shut down and live classical music is performed in a village lit only by cand…
Castle in Around Segovia


Turégano, about 30km north of Segovia, is dominated by a unique 15th-century castle-church complex built by the then archbishop of Segovia, Juan Arias Dávila (who decided to make the town into a personal fortress). …
Spanish in Pedraza de la Sierra

El Yantar de Pedraza

With a lovely setting overlooking Plaza Mayor from its upstairs balcony, El Yantar does near-perfect cordero asado (roast lamb) and cochinillo (roast suckling pig) and the many repeat customers tell us all we need t…
Spanish in Pedraza de la Sierra

El Soportal

Found behind the porticoes of a fine 16th-century Pedraza townhouse, El Soportal is one of Pedraza's most popular choices for cordero asado (roast lamb). Also popular is the bar, which stays open throughout the day …
Spanish in Pedraza de la Sierra

La Olma de Pedraza

On a small square just west of Plaza Mayor, this lovely place feels every bit like the rural bastion of traditional cooking that it is, with warm service to match. Besides the usual, perfectly cooked roasted meats, …
Square in Pedraza de la Sierra

Plaza Mayor

The evocative 14th-century Plaza Mayor is noteworthy for its ancient columned arcades. There are so many fine angles to get the perfect photo, but only one perfect time: the buildings turn the colour of honey an hou…
Castle in Pedraza de la Sierra

Castillo de Pedraza

At the far (northwestern) end of town – go any further and you'll fall into the valley – stands the lonely Castillo de Pedraza, unusual for its intact outer wall. Begun in the 13th century, it sits atop far older fo…
Art in Pedraza de la Sierra

Sánchez Muñoz

Sánchez Muñoz is an established madrileño artist who has a small studio here. His watercolours of the local villages are vibrant, colourful and based on subtle abstract forms. Prints are available from €7.