Around Burgos attractions

Top Choice Church in Covarrubias

Colegiata de San Cosme y Damián

This 15th-century Gothic church has the evocative atmosphere of a mini cathedral. Home to Spain's oldest still-functioning church organ, it has a gloriously ostentatious altar, fronted by several Roman stone tombs, …
Top Choice Ruins in Around Burgos

Monasterio de San Pedro de Arlanza

These haunting ruins on a rise above the Río Arlanza show traces of both Gothic and Romanesque elements but the sense of elegant abandonment is what remains with you after a visit. Begun as a hermitage in the 10th c…
Monastery in Santo Domingo de Silos

Abadía de Santo Domingo de Silos

The cloister and museum of this revered monastery is a two-storey treasure chest of some of Spain's most imaginative Romanesque art. The overall effect is spectacular, but the sculpted capitals are especially exquis…
Historic Site in Around Burgos

Ermita de Santa María de Lara

If you take the N234 southeast of Burgos, a worthwhile stop some 35km out is the 7th-century Ermita de Santa María de Lara, close to Quintanilla de las Viñas. This modest Visigothic hermitage has some fine bas-relie…
Church in Santo Domingo de Silos

Basílica de San Sebastián

Notable for its pleasingly unadorned Romanesque sanctuary dominated by a multidomed ceiling, this is where you can hear the monks chant vespers six times a day. The church was granted the coveted status of basilica …
Archaeological Site in Around Burgos


The archeological site of Atapuerca, around 15km west of Burgos, has long excited students of early human history. Archeologists made their greatest discovery here in July 2007 when they uncovered a jawbone and teet…
Canyon in Around Burgos

Desfiladero de Yecla

A mere 1.3km down the back road (BU911) to Caleruega from Santo Domingo de Silos, the spectacular Desfiladero de Yecla, a splendid gorge of limestone cliffs, opens up. It's easily visited thanks to a walkway: the st…
Tower in Covarrubias

Torreón de Doña Urraca

This squat 10th-century tower dominates the remains of the town's medieval walls. It's especially pretty as a backdrop to the river from outside the walls. The gardens are sometimes open for temporary exhibitions.
Museum in Santo Domingo de Silos

Museo Los Sonidos de la Tierra

This engaging museum showcases musical instruments, such as drums and lutes, from the region and from around the world.