Top Choice Aragonese in Sos del Rey Católico

La Cocina del Principal

Generally hailed as the best food in town, this place wins plaudits for its rib-eye steak, apple-doused veal, and pig’s trotters. The setting, inside a typically medieval Sos house, is enhanced by some interesting a…
Top Choice Aragonese in Alquézar

Casa Pardina

A very special restaurant where the food exudes contemporary creativity and the setting (in the family home of the owner) is all soothing stone work, twinkling chandeliers, summer terraces and views that could have …
Top Choice Tapas in Zaragoza

Restaurante Méli Mélo

Typically, pintxos are Basque-style tapas presented on small slices of bread, but in Méli Mélo they are stacked up so high they look like mini-skyscrapers topped with creative arrangements of cured hams, breaded cod…
Top Choice Tapas in Teruel

La Barrica

The Battica is pintxo (Basque tapas) heaven. Trouble is, quite a lot of people know it. Arrive promptly at 8pm if you want a seat and order a glass of wine to go with one of the delicate little pintxo treats, which …
Top Choice Spanish in Hecho

Restaurante Canteré

Hake and octupus? Tuna and wasabi? Carpaccio? These are not things you'd normally expect in an isolated mountain village. Canteré is a homey restaurant in Hecho's main square with a menu to rival Paris' Latin Quarte…
Churros in Zaragoza

Churrería la Fama

Zaragoza does the best churros (deep-fried ­doughnut-like snack) in the region and La Fama is the place to enjoy them dipped in a glass of thick hot chocolate.
Aragonese in Zaragoza

La Miguería

Who would have thought you could do so much with migas (fried breadcrumbs)… La Miguería serves this filling Aragonese quick-fix food in some 30 ways, including drenched in olive oil, topped with sardines and foie gr…
Tapas in Teruel

Aqui Teruel

This temple to superb jamón also offers better-than-average kids' menus, an inexpensive daily menú and sports an attractive rustic-style dining space with a wall of jolly, brightly coloured tiles
Aragonese in Teruel

Mesón Óvalo

There's a strong emphasis on regional Aragonese cuisine at this pleasant place, with meat and game dishes to the fore. One fine local speciality is jarretes (hock of lamb stewed with wild mushrooms), a dish that dat…
Tapas in Teruel

Bar Gregori

You can simplify the menu at Gregori by fishing out its two best down-to-earth dishes. The meatballs, doused in a thick sauce and often displayed in a paella pan on top of the bar; and the sardines, grilled to perfe…