Top Choice Palace in Zaragoza


The Aljafería is Spain's finest Islamic-era edifice outside Andalucía. Built as a pleasure palace for Zaragoza's Islamic rulers in the 11th century, it underwent its first alterations in 1118 when the city passed in…
Top Choice Church in Zaragoza

Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar

Brace yourself for this great baroque cavern of Catholicism. The faithful believe that it was here on 2 January AD 40 that Santiago saw the Virgin Mary descend atop a marble pilar (pillar). A chapel was built around…
Top Choice Museum in Zaragoza

Museo Goya – Colección Ibercaja

Outside of Madrid’s Museo del Prado, this excellent museum contains what is arguably, the best expose of the work of one of Spain’s most revered artists. A recent refurbishment (and renaming) has only enhanced its c…
Top Choice Museum in Zaragoza

Museo del Teatro de Caesaraugusta

The finest in the quartet of Zaragoza's Roman museums was discovered during the excavation of a building site in 1972. The crumbling but precious theatre once seated 6000 spectators, and great efforts have been made…
Top Choice Museum in Teruel

Fundación Amantes

Teruel's finest sight offers various ticket options, but the full-on four-part guided tour of the mausoleum, church, tower and cloister/garden is well worth it. You'll begin in the somewhat curious Mausoleo de los A…
Top Choice Monastery in Santa Cruz de la Serós

Monasterio de San Juan de la Peña

San Juan de la Peña is a religious complex comprising of two monasteries. A fire in 1675 led the monks to abandon the original 10th century Monasterio Viejo and build a new one, the Monasterio Nuevo, in brick furthe…
Top Choice Cathedral in Teruel

Catedral de Santa María de Mediavilla

Teruel's cathedral is a rich example of the Mudéjar imagination at work with its kaleidoscopic brickwork and colourful ceramic tiles. The superb 13th-century bell tower has hints of the Romanesque in its detail. Ins…
Top Choice Museum in Jaca

Museo Diocesano

Jaca’s excellent Museo Diocesano (accessed from the cathedral) is a kind of mini version of Barcelona’s Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya. Its speciality (and highlight) is a set of 11th century religious murals res…
Museum in Zaragoza

Centro de Historias

The old convent of San Agustín (only the neoclassical facade remains) is an interesting hybrid building given over primarily to temporary exhibitions of modern art. It's highlight, since late 2013, has been the onsi…
Church in Zaragoza

Iglesia de San Pablo

This pretty church has a delicate 14th-century Mudéjar tower and an early-16th-century retablo (altarpiece) by Damián Forment. Visits are guided.