Top Choice Museum in Alicante

Museo Arqueológico Provincial

This museum has a strong collection of ceramics and Iberian art. Exhibits are displayed to give the visitor a very visual, high-tech experience, and it's all beautifully presented. The only drawback is the lack of i…
Top Choice Gallery in Alicante

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante

This splendid museum, inside the 17th-century Casa de la Asegurada, has an excellent collection of 20th-century Spanish art, including works by Dalí, Miró, Chillida, Sempere, Tàpies and Picasso.
Castle in Alicante

Castillo de Santa Bárbara

There are sweeping views over the city from this large 16th-century castle, which houses a museum recounting the history of the city and containing a couple of chambers with temporary exhibitions. It’s a sweaty walk…
Archaeological Site in Alicante


The Roman town of Lucentum, a forerunner of Alicante, is where excavations have revealed a rich wealth of pottery. You can make out its clearly defined streets and town plan, as well as bathhouses, the forum, a larg…
Museum in Alicante

Museu de Fogueres

In addition to a wealth of photographs, costumes and ninots (small effigies saved from the flames), this museum has a great audiovisual presentation of what the Fiesta de Sant Joan, all fire and partying, means to a…
Church in Alicante

Basílica de Santa María

Flanked by twin towers, the flamboyant, 18th-century baroque facade and ornate, gilded altarpiece both contrast with the nave’s Gothic simplicity in this old-town church.
Museum in Alicante

Museo de la Ciudad de Alicante

Within the castle complex, in what was once the dungeon, this museum recounts some of the city's history.
Lift in Alicante

Lift to Castillo de Santa Bárbara

This lift opposite the beach takes you up to the castle's giddy heights.
Market in Alicante

Mercado Central

Alicante's main market hall is a feast for the eyes and other senses.
Sculpture in Alicante


This splendid waterside bronze figure of a pin-headed Icarus bearing a surfboard as he emerges from the water is by contemporary sculptor Esperanza d'Ors.