Aguilar de Campóo attractions

Monastery in Aguilar de Campóo

Monasterio de Santa María la Real

Just outside town, on the highway to Cervera de Pisuerga, is the restored Romanesque Monasterio de Santa María la Real. Its 13th-century Gothic cloister with delicate capitals is glorious. You can visit the church w…
Church in Aguilar de Campóo

Ermita de Santa Cecilia

Overlooking the town and providing its picturesque backdrop is a 12th-century castillo (castle) and the graceful Romanesque Ermita de Santa Cecilia, a pretty and humble little hermitage that acts as a prelude to the…
Church in Aguilar de Campóo

Colegiata de San Miguel

In the centre of Aguilar de Campóo, the elongated Plaza de España is capped at its eastern end by the Colegiata de San Miguel, a 14th-century Gothic church with a fine Romanesque entrance. It remains closed for the …