Central lodging options are mostly stolid business hotels or modest hostales, but a few bright contemporary places break the mould. Prices dip, often sharply, outside the July and August high season.


For tapas, raciones, wine and cheap lunch menus, hit the streets west of Plaza de María Pita – Calles de la Franja, Barrera, Galera, Olmos and Estrella. Moving westward along these lanes the vibe mutates from old-style mesones (eating houses) and tabernas (taverns) to contemporary tapas bars.

Restaurants for more substantial sit-down meals are dotted all around the central areas.

Drinking & Nightlife

A Coruña buzzes with taverns, bars and clubs. Before midnight, head to Plaza de María Pita for low-key drinks or navigate the taverns and tapas bars to its west. From Thursday to Saturday, dozens of bars in the streets behind Playa del Orzán party on until 3am or 4am, and the harbour-view clubs in Los Cantones Village go on longer.


A Coruña is a good city for live music, with a few bars serving as venues and several clubs also hosting regular live bands.