Tourist Information in New Zealand's Sub-Antarctic Islands

New Zealand Department of Conservation

New Zealand Department of Conservation maintains five sub-Antarctic island groups as National Nature Reserves: the Antipodes, Auckland, Bounty, Campbell and Snares groups. Entry is by permit only; all groups must...

Tourist Information in Macquarie Island

Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service

Macquarie Island is a Tasmanian State Reserve. Permits to land must be obtained in advance from the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service. The per-person fee for landing is included in cruise prices. Rangers...

Tourist Information in Stanley

Falkland Islands Tourist Board

Inside the Jetty Visitors Centre, the Falkland Islands Tourist Board distributes a guide to Stanley, and has loads of info on accommodation and the Falklands. Has public toilets; sells stamps, souvenirs and cards...

Telephone in Stanley

Cable & Wireless PLC

Identified by its satellite dish, this place operates phone, telegram, internet and fax services, and sells phone cards.