Top ChoiceBase in South Pole

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

The South Pole station was built in phases, so the first group of occupants was able to take up residence in January 2003, and it was officially inaugurated in January 2008. Full summer operations began in...

Top ChoiceLandmark in South Pole

Ceremonial South Pole

The resplendent flags of the original 12 Antarctic Treaty signatories surround this red-and-white-striped ‘barber’ pole, capped by a chromium globe, so it offers the perfect photo op. But it’s just for show.

Research Center in South Pole

Science Facilities

Most of the scientific facilities at the Pole are off-limits to visitors, to avoid disrupting research. Other laboratories are off-limits because their instrumentation could be contaminated or decalibrated by...

Landmark in South Pole

Geographic South Pole

The Geographic South Pole (Geodetic Pole) marks the spot at one end of the Earth’s axis of rotation (the other being the North Pole). It is indicated by a 4m steel pole topped by a medallion designed by the...