Top things to do in Yeongjongdo

Top Choice Casino in Yeongjongdo

Paradise City Casino

Put it all on black at Korea's first Vegas-style casino, featuring an enormous gaming floor where bow-tied croupiers shuffle cards and stack chips at multiple tables. If you do hit the jackpot, the resort will gladl…
International in Yeongjongdo

Caffe Ora

A popular sunset spot overlooking Eulwangni and Wangsan Beaches, this modernist piece of architecture could be mistaken for the evil lair of a Bond movie villain. It’s actually nothing more sinister than a pizza and…
Beach in Yeongjongdo

Eulwangni Beach

Yeongjongdo’s main beach isn't particularly idyllic (in fact it's a tad shabby), but it is the most easily accessible stretch of sand from Seoul. The beach is lined by several hotels and restaurants, which only get …
Beach in Yeongjongdo

Wangsan Beach

On the next bay north from Eulwangni Beach you'll find Wangsan Beach, which is broader and has a less developed beachfront.