Top Choice Seafood in Moseulpo

Hamo Restaurant

An excellent choice for travellers looking for breakfast before heading out on a ferry to the nearby islands, this seafood restaurant opens early and serves home-style fare such as miyeokguk (미역국, seaweed soup). It'…
Italian in Hallim


Delicious, authentic pizza from a wood-burning stove is served in a spacious, laid-back atmosphere with rock music in the background. A good selection of international beers, and a ban on children under eight years …
Italian in Western Jeju-do

Dol Hareubang Pizza

Tasty 1m-long pizzas topped with sweet potato, bulgogi (marinated beef) and kimchi are served in an old building in the middle of nowhere.From the southern part of the island, head north on Rte 1120 towards Jeju Gla…
Cafe in Western Jeju-do


Enjoy coffee or tea in this self-service cafe that, on the outside, looks like a giant white cloud. Pizza, pasta, pork cutlets and salad are also available. It's on Green Tee-Bonsai Rd, between the Spirited Garden a…
Japanese in Hallim

Su Udon

Who would imagine such perfectly crispy, juicy pork tonkatsu or shrimp tempura in a quiet house in Hallim. People are attracted by the blue-water views of Biyago, and surprised by the excellent Japanese udon. Look f…
Korean in Hallim


Kangsikdang uses small twists to create great dishes. Three types of organic mushrooms are paired with a secret sauce for an oh so creamy pasta; and it elevates the traditional Jeju pork noodle soup, adding spice an…
Seafood in Moseulpo


The name means 'octopus' in the local dialect and that says it all. This place serves up a variety of octopus and other local specialities including squid soup.