Western Jeju-do attractions

Museum in Western Jeju-do

Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art

At the heart of the Artists Village in Jeoji is this excellent gallery. Permanent exhibitions by Kim Heng-sou and Park Kwang-jin are supplemented by regularly changing shows of other artists. The village is dotted w…
Museum in Western Jeju-do

O’Sulloc Tea Museum

Overlooking the verdant plantation of one of Korea’s largest growers of nokcha (green tea), this museum displays a collection of ancient tea implements, some of which date back to the 3rd century. You can also strol…
Gardens in Western Jeju-do

Spirited Garden

Bunjae (bonsai) trees may seem esoteric, but this bonsai park has excellent examples, some up to 500 years old. It’s the life’s work of Mr Sung Bum-young and has hosted presidents and prime ministers from across Asi…
Amusement Park in Western Jeju-do

Jeju Glass Castle

This fascinating theme park features more than 350 glass sculptures created by global artists, including the world’s largest glass ball and glass diamond. Glass-blowing and glass-making classes are also run here.
Island in Moseulpo


This barren, windswept island with a rocky coastline has few sights, though you do get bragging rights for reaching Korea's most southerly point, 11km off the coast of Molseupo. Just 4.2km in circumference, it takes…
Island in Moseulpo


Olle Trail 10-1 (5km, two hours) encircles Gapado (population 300), the nearer and larger of the two pizza-flat volcanic islands, just 5.5km off the coast of Moseulpo. The mostly flat trail meanders along windy coas…
Island in Hallim


Just beyond Hyeopjae's sandy shores sits a tiny island that beckons. It's a curious place; just a hamlet, a couple of restaurants and minbak for overnight stays. A hike around the island takes about two hours, inclu…
Gardens in Hallim

Hallim Park

Hallim Park offers a botanical and bonsai garden, a mini folk village and walks through a lava-tube cave. The caves are part of a 17km-long lava-tube system and are said to be the only lava caves in the world to con…
Museum in Western Jeju-do

Ahop-gut Maeul Experience Yard

This oddball open-air gallery is dedicated to chairs of all shapes and sizes, and somehow manages to make them interesting. It's in Nakcheon village, located along Jeju Olle Trail 13.
Museum in Western Jeju-do

Jeju Peace Museum

Gama Oreum is a parasitic volcano that hides an underground fortress created by the Japanese army in the final stages of WWII. Explore some of the 2km of tunnels, and a good selection of Japanese military memorabili…