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The best sites in peninsula(3n4d),(5n6d),(7n8d),(10n11d)

• enjoy and feel best sites in peninsula   if you come to Nov., can taste 3 seasons of Korea ,spring in Jeju island, autumn in west  province and Seoul, winter in east coast of mt.Seolak.  moreover delicacies in different cuisines to provinces and Seoul. in west south provinces ,old capital of Baekje (UNESCO heritage) with beautiful scenery of islands and go to Jeju island by ferry and stay 2 nights in exotic worldwidely famous island full bloom of camellias,volcano erupted lava and tunnels. finally back to Seoul, 600 yrs capital in Joseon dynasty till now,  mixed up with past and modern, hustle and bustle of back door   in Seoul, Changdeok palace and secret garden,Royal shrine(UNESCO heritage), Dongdaemun market and Myungdong for souvenior and shopping~  wish to show real Korea of past and now with all my heart.
2 days