Ulleungdo attractions

Park in Ulleungdo

Mineral Spring Park

The highlight of this park, a 350m climb above Dodong-ri, is the cable car across a steep valley to Manghyang-bong (316m). The ride up affords stunning views of the sea and a bird’s-eye view of Dodong-ri. Visit earl…
Viewpoint in Ulleungdo


There is a terrific view of the northern coastline from Hyangmok Lighthouse (향목 등대) in the northwest corner of the island, about 20km from Dodong-ri. To get there you take a monorail on a five-minute, 304m ride up a…
Waterfall in Ulleungdo

Bongnae Pokpo

A steep 1.5km walk from Jeodong-ri is Bongnae Pokpo. Source of the island’s drinking water, the waterfall is quite spectacular during summer.On the return trip, cool down in Cheonyeon Natural Air Conditioner (천연에어콘 …
Viewpoint in Ulleungdo

Sunset Point Pavilion

Sunset Point Pavilion is a steep 15-minute walk above Dodong-ri, commanding great views of the ocean and the sunset. To get there, follow the western creek out of town and cross the bridge after the school. A small …
Port in Ulleungdo


Dodong-ri is the island’s main tourist hub, meaning the greatest selection of lodging and dining options. Behind the ferry terminal, a spiral staircase leads to a seaside walking trail offering spectacular views of …
Port in Ulleungdo


Jeodong-ri is a fishing village with picturesque sea walls, fishing nets, and seagulls. The boats with the lamps strung around like oversize holiday lights are for catching squid.
Village in Ulleungdo


The coastal road from Dodong-ri to Taeha-ri leads through Namyang, a tiny seaside community with spectacular cliffs covered with Chinese juniper and odd rock formations.
Temple in Ulleungdo


This small temple might be simple, but being walking distance from Dodong-ri makes it a good resting spot for a stroll.