Various pathways lead to the summit of Seongin-bong (984m), but the two main routes run from Dodong-ri (about five hours return) or Nari-bunji (four to five hours return).

From Dodong-ri, take the main road towards Daewon-sa. Just before you reach the temple, there is a fork in the trail and a sign (in Korean) pointing the way to Seongin-bong (a steep 4.1km).

From Nari-bunji, enter the thick forest, adhering to the right-hand path, and you’ll arrive at fields of chrysanthemum. Further on you’ll pass a traditional home. Finally, at the entrance to the virgin forest area and picnic ground, the steep ascent of Seongin-bong takes you through a forest of Korean beech, hemlock and lime (one hour).

Just below the peak, as you descend to Dodong-ri, is a trail off to the right, down to Namyang-dong (1½ hours).