Top Choice Waterfall in Seogwipo

Cheonjiyeon Pokpo

This popular 22m-high waterfall is reached after a 10-minute walk through a beautifully forested, steep gorge. The waterfall can be impressive following heavy rain; at other times it’s more noisy than wide. Well wor…
Top Choice Area in Jungmun Resort


Just south of the Jeju International Convention Centre is a dramatic 2km stretch of coastline known for rectangular rock columns that look as if they were stamped out with a cookie cutter. The formations are the res…
Temple in Sagye-ri


A steep, 20-minute walk up the south face of the craggy Sanbang-san is a small stone Buddha in a 5m-high cave called Sanbanggul-sa. From Sagye-ri, the walk up looks more daunting than it really is, but after reachin…
Temple in Jungmun Resort


Although construction of this Buddhist temple was completed in 1997, it is one of Jeju-do’s most impressive buildings. The ornate hall is filled with vibrant murals of scenes from Buddha’s life and teachings. The ma…
Waterfall in Jungmun Resort

Cheonjeyeon Pokpo

Jungmun’s top natural attraction is this legendary waterfall, a three-tier cascade, sporting unique basalt columns, tucked inside a forested gorge. Above soars an arched footbridge decorated with sculptures of the n…
Waterfall in Seogwipo

Jeongbang Pokpo

A favourite with photographers, this 23m-high waterfall is a 15-minute walk east of the town centre. At times less dramatic than the island's other waterfalls, its claim to fame is that it's the only waterfall in As…
Beach in Jungmun Resort

Jungmun Beach

The resort’s palm-fringed beach becomes crowded in July and August. Walk up the steps to the Hyatt Regency Hotel, continue along the boardwalk and down the steps to reach an even more scenic and secluded beach – wit…
Gardens in Jungmun Resort

Yeomiji Botanical Garden

This impressive botanical garden has a huge indoor section with areas that mimic rainforests, deserts and other landscapes. The surrounding plantings and designs include Italian, Japanese, palm and herb gardens.
Museum in Seogwipo

World Eros Museum

The smallest of Jeju-do's sex-themed museums and perhaps the most artful and serious. There's a collection of world erotic art, though the lack of English signage makes it a bit inaccessible. The adult-only museum i…
Museum in Seogwipo

Lee Jung-Seop Art Gallery & Park

On the street that is named after him and decorated with images from his distinctive paintings and drawings (in Fauvism style with exaggerated brush strokes and colours), is this small museum devoted to Lee Jung-Seo…