Market in Dongdaemun & Eastern Seoul

Gyeongdong Market

You could spend hours exploring the biggest and best Asian medicine market in Korea. All the leaves, herbs, roots, flowers and mushrooms piled up in the shops and stalls are medicinal. Bark is sold to be made into s…
Market in Northern Seoul

Filipino Sunday Market

Seoul’s Filipino community gathers every Sunday to shop, meet, chat and eat Filipino food. Street stalls sell tropical treats such as coconut drinks, cassava cakes and fried bananas on a stick, as well as various ti…
Market in Dongdaemun & Eastern Seoul

Seoul Folk Flea Market

Spilling out of a two-storey building into the surrounding area, here you’ll find a fascinating collection of artworks, collectables and general bric-a-brac from wooden masks and ink drawings to Beatles LPs and valv…
Market in Dongdaemun & Eastern Seoul

Dongdaemun Market

Take Seoul’s commercial pulse at this colossal retail and wholesale market. It sprawls across a wide area on both sides of the Cheong-gye-cheon. On one side is the multilevel Pyoung Hwa Clothing Market crammed with …
Market in Western Seoul

Dongjin Market

An old market arcade has become a Saturday hot spot for browers in hip Yeonnam-dong. Second-hand clothing, home-made jams and cookies and various crafts can be picked up here among other things.
Market in Gwanghwamun & Jongno-gu

Sejong Art Market SoSo

The attractive sculpture garden behind the Sejong Center is the location of this spring-to-early-autumn, twice-monthly market where you can buy a wide variety of works from up-and-coming artists and designers.
Market in Western Seoul


This indoor market covers a mixed range of goods. It’s quiet and out of the way, so there must be bargains around. You can watch rice cakes being made using traditional methods. Upstairs is a trot dance club.