Korea House

Top choice korean in Myeong-dong & Jung-gu

Scoring a hat trick for high-quality food, entertainment and shopping is Korea House. A dozen dainty, artistic courses make up the royal banquet. The hanok, the hanbok-clad waitresses, the gayageum (zither) music, and the platters and boxes the food is served in are all part of the experience.

The intimate theatre stages two, hour-long dance and music performances. Put on by a troupe of top musicians and dancers, the shows have some English commentary on a screen. The show includes elegant court dances, pansori, a spiritual shamanist dance, samullori (a folk dance) and samgomu (acrobatic female drummers each banging on three drums). There's a 30% discount on tickets if you're here for dinner.

Rounding out the experience is Korea House's shop, which stocks quality design goods, traditional crafts and books – including Eumsik Dimibang, a Joseon-era cookbook dating from 1670.