Top Choice Noodles in Myeong-dong & Jung-gu

Myeong-dong Gyoja

The special kalguksu (noodles in a meat, dumpling and vegetable broth) is famous, so it’s busy, busy, busy. Fortunately it has multiple levels and a nearby branch to meet the demand.
Noodles in Western Seoul

Hwedra Ramyeon

This tiny, dark, prison cell of an eatery serves up the hottest ramyeon in Seoul. The ajumma (auntie) in charge adds green chillies with a large ladle as if they were spring onions. Said to cure even the worst hango…
Noodles in Gangnam & South of the Han River

Pho Bay

A restaurant chain with simple-but-clean decor, Pho Bay specialises in fresh-tasting Vietnamese rice noodles. The big plus here is that you mix in whatever amount of bean sprouts, chillies, lemon and onion you want.