Top Choice Noodles in Myeong-dong & Jung-gu

Myeong-dong Gyoja

The special kalguksu (noodles in a meat, dumpling and vegetable broth) is famous, so it’s busy, busy, busy. Fortunately it has multiple levels and a nearby branch to meet the demand.
Chinese in Western Seoul


An upmarket-looking restaurant with an open-plan kitchen serving up the usual Korean version of Chinese food. The cheap, comfort food jajangmyeon (noodles with thick soy sauce) is always a popular choice. Tangsuyuk …
Noodles in Western Seoul

Hwedra Ramyeon

This tiny, dark, prison cell of an eatery serves up the hottest ramyeon in Seoul. The ajumma (auntie) in charge adds green chillies with a large ladle as if they were spring onions. Said to cure even the worst hango…
Noodles in Gangnam & South of the Han River

Pho Bay

A restaurant chain with simple-but-clean decor, Pho Bay specialises in fresh-tasting Vietnamese rice noodles. The big plus here is that you mix in whatever amount of bean sprouts, chillies, lemon and onion you want.