Gyeonggi-do code (031) This province surrounds Seoul.

Incheon city and airport code (032)

International access code KT (001)

Seoul code (02) Omit the zero if calling from outside Korea.

South Korea country code (82)

Mobile Phones

South Korea uses the CDMA digital standard; check compatibility with your phone provider. Phones can be hired at the airport and elsewhere.

Phone Hire

  • Mobile-phone and SIM hire is available from KT Olleh, SK Telecom and LGU+, all of which have counters at Incheon International Airport arrivals floor and branches throughout the city. SIM cards are also available from Evergreen Mobile ( and SIMCard Korea (
  • Each company offers similar but not identical schemes, so compare before buying or signing a rental contract if cost is an issue.
  • Prepaid SIMs are also available from Evergreen Mobile, SIMCard Korea and vendors in Itaewon.

Phone Numbers

  • Korean mobile-phone numbers have three-digit codes, always beginning with 01, eg 011 1234 5678. You'll also come across internet phone numbers (also known as VoIP), which begin with 070. When you make a call from your mobile phone, you always input these initial codes or area codes, even if you’re in the city you’re trying to reach. For example, in Seoul, when calling a local Seoul number you would dial 02-123 4567.

Public Phones & Phonecards

  • Public payphones are rare; the best places to look are subway stations. Ones accepting coins (₩50 or ₩100) are even rarer.
  • Telephone cards usually give you a 10% bonus in value and can be bought at convenience stores. There are two types of cards, so if your card does not fit in one type of payphone, try a different-looking one. A few public phones accept credit cards.
  • Local calls cost ₩70 for three minutes.