The largest market in Korea – Namdaemun Market – is here, selling souvenirs, luggage and knock-off clothing for half of what you might pay elsewhere. For more organised and international brands and chain stores, the neon-lit stores of Myeong-dong have you covered and are worth visiting if you enjoy night-time buzz. Head to old-world department stores for the charm as much as the luxury goods.

Underground Arcades

In addition to Myeong-dong's abundance of overground retailers, there are hundreds to be discovered in a series of underground arcades. The longest, stretching 4km beneath Eulji-ro from City Hall to Dongdaemun, is Eulji-ro Arcade; many of the stalls here stock fashions that are a throwback to yesteryear. More upmarket vendors selling handicrafts and antiques can be found in the Sogong Arcade beneath Sogong-ro.