Teahouses can be found in Insa-dong and Bukchon Hanok Village. Ikseong-dong and surrounds have small hip bars, craft-beer pubs and intimate, friendly gay bars. This area is not really home to clubs.

Nagwon-dong & Donui-dong Gay Bars

Itaewon’s ‘Homo Hill’ is not the only place in Seoul with gay bars. Far more popular with Korean iban (the local word for gays) no longer in their 20s are the scores of LGBT-run bars around Jongno 3-ga subway station. However, not all are welcoming of foreigners, and others will expect patrons to pay a hefty cover charge for anju (snacks).

Alternatively, the outdoor pojangmacha food stalls east of the Nakwon Musical Instruments Arcade, where you can sink cheap bear, soju (local vodka) and snacks, are prime hang-outs for the gay community.

‘One-shot bars’ are places where you can drink without a cover charge.