Top things to do

Temple in Seoraksan National Park


This temple complex that has stood on this site since AD 652 but has been destroyed and rebuilt many times. At the entrance are the Four Heavenly Kings (Cheonwang), while the main hall contains a trinity of golden s…
Cafe in Seoraksan National Park


Inside the park and on the outskirts of Seorak-dong, this charming traditional Korean cafe has a terrific range of freshly roasted coffees and is sits by a bridge leading to the main pavilion of Sinheung-sa temple. …
Viewpoint in Seoraksan National Park

Heundeul Bawi

This massive 16-tonne boulder is balanced on the edge of a rocky ledge and can be rocked to and fro by a small group of people. It’s a lookout on the way to Ulsan Bawi and a popular spot for photos.
Fortress in Seoraksan National Park


These remains of a fortress are thought to date to the 13th century. The easiest and quickest way to get here is to take the cable car.
Viewpoint in Seoraksan National Park

Ulsan Bawi

This spectacular granite cliff stands at 873m and is a popular destination for hikers making the strenuous, two-hour, 4.3km hike from the Seoraksan National Park entrance.
Buddhist Temple in Seoraksan National Park


A Buddhist temple built in 1957, though originally constructed in the 7th century in the Silla Kingdom. It's worth walking over its wooden bridge, which spans the valley.
Buddhist Statue in Seoraksan National Park

Bronze Jwabul Statue

On the approach to Sinheung-sa you will pass this huge 10m-tall bronze seated Buddha statue.
Waterfall in Seoraksan National Park

Yukdam Pokpo

Yukdam Pokpo is a series of six waterfalls and a pond.
Mountain in Seoraksan National Park


One of the three ridges that make up Seorak-san.
Cave in Seoraksan National Park


This cave hollowed into the rock of Seorak-san offers worthwhile views of the valley. The 23 sq m cave was once used as a place to worship the stone sitting Buddha here. To get here, you'll need to walk across multi…