Korean in Suwon


A popular lunch is galbitang – meaty bones in a meaty broth served with rice and side dishes (it’s the best in the world). For a drink try the refreshing cheongha – Japanese sake -style rice wine. Free self-serve co…
Korean in Suwon

Yeonpo Galbi

Down the steps from Hwahongmun, this famous restaurant serves up its special Suwon version of galbitang (₩10,000) – big ribs in a seasoned broth with noodles and leeks – only served at lunch.
Korean in Andong

Jaerim Galbi

A good-value barbecue place serving pork ribs, bulgogi, prime beef rib and grilled beef steaks. The menu is very simple but the smell from the street is mouthwatering.
Korean in Andong

Yangban Bapsang

Mackerel served golden – skin crispy, flesh tender – melts on the tongue the way mackerel was meant to. Not far from Andong Folk Village, it’s across the street from the entrance to the wooden bridge.
Korean in Around Gwangju

Bakmulgwan Ap-jip

Damyang's signature dish is daetongbap (대통밥), rice and nuts cooked inside a bamboo stem. Try it here, across the street from the Korea Bamboo Museum. The spread of side dishes is huge.
Korean in Yangdong Folk Village


When it’s time for a break, try this tea shop in a rustic building. It has simple treats like green tea, wine and light meals. No English is spoken here but the owner goes to much effort to ease communication. If yo…
Korean in Ulleungdo

Nokdu Bindaeddeok

Definitely the coolest and most unique of the island’s eating options is this friendly place with outdoor floor seating under trees, overlooking a landscaped garden filled with statues, pagodas and a crane. The food…
Korean in Suncheon


A favourite with local taxi drivers, Yeongbunsik does big portions of hearty staples such as doenjang-jjigae (된장찌개; tofu soup), dolsot bibimbap (돌솥비빔밥; bibimbap in a stone hotpot), and donkkaseu (돈까스; breaded pork c…
Korean in Jeju-do

Paldo Sikdang

This simple restaurant serves hearty maeun tang (매은탕), a delicious spicy seafood soup. Located in Tapdong, it's one of the few shops along the road of seafood restaurants to open early.
Korean in Andong

Jangsu Andong Jjimdak

A jjimdak (simmered chicken, Andong's speciality) eatery where the owner speaks no English? Simple, just sit and choose either the large or even larger platter of the signature dish. Even easier is thinking the larg…