Top Choice Noodles in Myeong-dong & Jung-gu

Myeong-dong Gyoja

The special kalguksu (noodles in a meat, dumpling and vegetable broth) is famous, so it’s busy, busy, busy. Fortunately it has multiple levels and a nearby branch to meet the demand.
Chinese in Itaewon & Yongsan-gu

Kiki Chanting

This Cantonese restaurant's menu is divided up into noodles, barbecue over rice, combo rice and meats only. Best sellers include the Singaporean noodles and the roasted pork over rice. The self-serve sauce bar and d…
Noodles in Gwangju

Cheongwon Momil

This humble noodle shop, which specialises in momil (모밀; buckwheat noodles) is a Gwangju institution, in business since 1960 (as the sign out front proudly boasts). Dishes to try include bibim-momil (비빔모밀; buckwheat…
Noodles in Gyeongju

Pyongyang Naengmyeon

This bustling place always attracts crowds of locals who come here for the excellent Pyongyang Cold Noodles as well as the spicy bulgogi. It has a pleasant outdoor-seating area complete with a garden and a little fo…
Chinese in Incheon


Guarded by a pair of terracotta warriors, this is one of Chinatown’s fanciest restaurants, with a refined interior and top-notch cuisine. Try the sweet-and-sour pork (₩20,000). There's often a long queue.
Chinese in Incheon

Dada Bok

Just back from the bedlam of Chinatown, this unassuming restaturant is the local pick for Incheon's tastiest dumplings. There's a choice of pork or shrimp, either steamed or pan-fried.
Noodles in Deokjeokdo


Next door to the convenience store, this laid-back floor-seated restaurant specialises in steaming bowls of clam noodles (₩7000).
Chinese in Incheon


In business since 1957, this is a good place to sample jjajangmyeon, a local speciality.
Chinese in Incheon


Charcoal-fired pork-filled dumplings are the speciality of this no-frills corner takeway.
Noodles in Chuncheon

Byoldang Makguksu

Housed in a 40-year-old building, this atmospheric restaurant serves up delicious makguksu, a Gangwon-do speciality. The buckwheat noodles are served cold, garnished with vegies, pork slices and half a hard-boiled e…