Cafe in Jeju-do


Enjoy coffee or tea in this self-service cafe that, on the outside, looks like a giant white cloud. Pizza, pasta and salad are also available.
Fast Food in Udo

Chocolate Castle by the Sea

This wonderfully eclectic shop serves oh-so-juicy hamburgers. There is no chocolate here, but you will find a delightful museum housing a nearly complete collection of Anne of Green Gables memorabilia, including a 1…
Cafe in Anyang

Coo Coffee Roasting House

Grab an outdoor table overlooking the river at Coo Coffee Roasting House for all-day brunch and single-origin coffees (for a premium), and jazz on Saturday evenings.
Noodles in Suwon


This humble restaurant, run by a friendly owner, is popular with local artists for cheap and tasty traditional Korean noodles and dumplings. It's opposite the hanok (traditional wooden home) decorated with the fish …