Korean in Suwon


A popular lunch is galbitang – meaty bones in a meaty broth served with rice and side dishes (it’s the best in the world). For a drink try the refreshing cheongha – Japanese sake -style rice wine. Free self-serve co…
Korean in Suwon

Yeonpo Galbi

Down the steps from Hwahongmun, this famous restaurant serves up its special Suwon version of galbitang (₩10,000) – big ribs in a seasoned broth with noodles and leeks – only served at lunch.
Tea in Suwon


Rest your feet and sip local teas in this antique-style teashop above the archery centre.
Seafood in Muuido


Buy shellfish by the heap; it’s enough for three or four people and includes scallops, mussels and trumpet shells. Cook it up at a barbecue set in your table, but watch out for popping shells! This simple restaurant…
Seafood in Ulleungdo

99 Sikdang

One of the island’s most famous restaurants – its owner will tell you proudly about its many appearances on Korea’s famously food-obsessed TV channels – this is a place to delight in seafood barbecue and dishes such…
Seafood in Ulleungdo

Yong Gung

Sit near the seafront with a bottle of soju, a platter of raw fish and watch the ocean crash onto the rocky shoreline at this ramshackle but quietly charming place. Mr Jeong (who speaks passable English) and his bro…
Seafood in Ulleungdo

Sanchang-Hoe Sikdang

Downstairs from Sanchang-jang Yeogwan, it specialises in honghapbap (mussel rice) served with a locally cultivated mountain plant called myeong-e (명이) and a generous bowl of miyeokguk (미역국; seaweed soup).
Korean in Andong

Jaerim Galbi

A good-value barbecue place serving pork ribs, bulgogi, prime beef rib and grilled beef steaks. The menu is very simple but the smell from the street is mouthwatering.
International in Andong


White and airy, this is a civilised pasta and salad place – pastas come with garlic bread, salad and coffee.
Korean in Andong

Yangban Bapsang

Mackerel served golden – skin crispy, flesh tender – melts on the tongue the way mackerel was meant to. Not far from Andong Folk Village, it’s across the street from the entrance to the wooden bridge.