Arriving in Destination

Incheon Airport (Seoul) Express trains (₩9000, 43 minutes from Terminal 1, 51 minutes from Terminal 2) every 30 minutes to Seoul; also all-stop trains ₩4150 from Terminal 1 (55 minutes), ₩4950 from Terminal 2 (one hour). Buses (from ₩9000) and taxis (around ₩65,000) to city-centre hotels take an hour or more.

Gimpo Airport (Seoul) Express trains (₩1450, 24 minutes) run regularly to Seoul station; or catch the subway (₩1450, 35 minutes). Limo buses (₩7000) and taxis (around ₩35,000) take 40 minutes to one hour to the city centre or Gangnam.

Gimhae Airport (Busan) Limo buses (₩6000 to ₩7000, one hour) and regular 'town' buses (₩1300, one hour) to Busan every 20 minutes; or light rail line to Sasang subway station (₩2800, one hour). Taxis (around ₩40,000) take 30 minutes to one hour to the city.