Accessible Travel

Facilities for travellers with disabilities in Seoul and some other cities are far from perfect but are improving. Most Seoul subway stations have stair lifts, elevators and toilets with wheelchair access and handrails, while buses have ramps to aid wheelchair access. Tourist attractions, especially government-run ones, offer generous discounts or even free entry for people with disabilities and a helper. There are also some hotels with accessible rooms. For more information go to

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Before setting off get in touch with your national support organisation (preferably with the travel officer, if there is one). For general travel advice in Australia contact Nican (02 6241 1220); in the UK contact Tourism For All (; 0845 124 9971); in the USA try Accessible Journeys (; 800 846 4537), an agency specialising in travel for the disabled, or Mobility International USA (; 541 343 1284).