Namhaedo attractions

Buddhist Temple in Namhaedo


Between Namhae-gun and Sangju beach, Bori-am is a busy Buddhist hermitage on Geum-san (금산; Geum Mountain, 681m) famous for brilliant sunrises and mesmerising vistas – the kind that move people to reconsider the mean…
Beach in Namhaedo


For most of the year this pretty beach with 2km of soft white sand and shallow water is a quiet destination. During summer it's packed with fun-seeking frolickers, triggering 400% price spikes at the nearby motels. …
Village in Namhaedo


This rustic fishing village is an ideal roadside diversion. Walk along the port, zigzag through narrow alleys and sample superb rural food. It's a short drive down the road from Sangju beach.
Architecture in Namhaedo

German Village

Here's a destination people visit because it's popular, not because it's interesting. Local marketing bumf calls it one of the island's best sites, but the German Village is yawningly underwhelming. There's nothing …