Top things to do in Naksan Provincial Park

Temple in Naksan Provincial Park


This temple was originally established in AD 671 and enjoys a glorious perspective overlooking the sea. Also facing the sea is a majestic (but modern, dating to 1977) 16m-tall statue of the Goddess of Mercy, Gwaneum…
Beach in Naksan Provincial Park

Naksan Beach

Below Naksan-sa is this beach, one of the best on the east coast and of course, busy in summer, when accommodation prices can triple. At other times it’s a pleasant place to stay if you want to avoid Sokcho’s fishin…
Museum in Naksan Provincial Park

Insect Ecology Museum

This interesting museum is dedicated to an intriguing range of beetles, butterflies and other insects from around the world. Captions are in Korean and Latin only, but some of the butterflies – including specimens f…