Top things to do in Muuido

Beach in Muuido

Hanagae Beach

Hanagae Beach is Muuido's best, with plenty of golden sand, a handful of seafood restaurants and basic beach huts under the pine trees or on the beach. Walking trails loop around the headland to the south. Kids will…
Island in Muuido


The tiny, car-free island of So-Muuido can be accessed via a footbridge from Muuido’s south-eastern tip. It's a charming fishing community with a clifftop walk and lovely seaside panoramas.
Beach in Muuido

Silmi Beach

The nothernmost of the two main beaches on Muuido's west coast, Silmi is 2km south-west from the ferry terminal. Quieter than Hanagae Beach, at low tide you can walk across the the sand to the unpopulated islet of S…