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Top Choice Seafood in Moseulpo

Hamo Restaurant

An excellent choice for travellers looking for breakfast before heading out on a ferry to the nearby islands, this seafood restaurant opens early and serves home-style fare such as miyeokguk (미역국, seaweed soup). It'…
Island in Moseulpo


This barren, windswept island with a rocky coastline has few sights, though you do get bragging rights for reaching Korea's most southerly point, 11km off the coast of Molseupo. Just 4.2km in circumference, it takes…
Island in Moseulpo


Olle Trail 10-1 (5km, two hours) encircles Gapado (population 300), the nearer and larger of the two pizza-flat volcanic islands, just 5.5km off the coast of Moseulpo. The mostly flat trail meanders along windy coas…
Seafood in Moseulpo


The name means 'octopus' in the local dialect and that says it all. This place serves up a variety of octopus and other local specialities including squid soup.