Top things to do in Moaksan Provincial Park

Teahouse in Moaksan Provincial Park

The Way to the Temple

The aroma inside this arty teahouse is unmistakably herbal. It's a melange of sweet jujubes, earthy roots and tree bark. The ssanghwa-tang (쌍화탕) is a dark, delicious brew thought to have healing properties.
Temple in Moaksan Provincial Park


This temple inside Moak-san Provincial Park dates to AD 599. On the left is a museum and a hall with carvings of 500 unique Buddha helpers.
Korean in Moaksan Provincial Park

Hwarim Hoegwan

This restaurant has a menu that goes beyond the usual bibimbap. Recommended dishes include heukdwaji jumulleok (흙돼지주물럭, ₩12,000 per person), a delicious stir-fry of local black pig. It's overlooking the car park, an…