Jeonju attractions

Top Choice Area in Jeonju

Jeonju Hanok Maeul

This maeul (village) has more than 800 hanok (traditional wooden homes), making it one of the largest such concentrations in the country. Virtually all of them contain guesthouses, restaurants, cafes, and hanbok (tr…
Area in Jeonju

Jaman Village

Eclectic, colourful murals adorn the walls of this shantytown, on a hill overlooking Jeonju's hanok maeul. It's slowly gentrifying, meaning several spots are now home to galleries and cafes, the best of which is Kko…
Historic Building in Jeonju


This palace is home to shrines, storehouses and guardrooms relating to the Confucian rituals once held here. There is also a replica portrait of Yi Seong-gye, the founder of the Joseon dynasty (1392–1910), whose fam…
Park in Jeonju

Deokjin Park

Join Korean couples who hire paddle boats in this charming park; particularly nice are the views of lotus lilies in July.
Museum in Jeonju

Yeomyeong Camera Museum

About 400 vintage cameras are on display in this small but worthwhile museum, along with projectors and black-and-white images.
Gate in Jeonju


This stone-and-wood gateway is all that remains of Jeonju’s fortress wall. First built in 1398 but renovated many times since, it's now the ornate centrepiece of a busy roundabout. It's also a useful landmark for tw…
Picnic Area in Jeonju

Cheongyeonru Gazebo

Grab some street food and bring it here for a picnic in this large, public gazebo on the river.
Church in Jeonju

Jeondong Catholic Church

The easiest landmark to find around the hanok village is a tall, red-brick church built by French missionary Xavier Baudounet where Korean Catholics were executed in 1781 and 1801. It's closed to the public except d…
Museum in Jeonju

Jeonju Hanji Museum

Adjacent to a modern-day paper factory, this museum covers the history and processes involved in making hanji (traditional Korean paper) and also shows some of the impressive things that can be created with it. At t…
Historic Building in Jeonju


On a hill overlooking the entire village is a pavilion where General Yi Seong-gye celebrated a victory over Japanese pirates in 1380, prior to his overthrow of the Goryeo dynasty. Cross the bridge to Imok-dae (이목대),…