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• 3/ nov    08:00 ~14:00 pick up Incheon airport, go to Buyu(Bekje kingdom in 5c) museum , fortress               15:00~18:00 Wando island ,lunch(quisine  traditional), dinner( Korean dishes),              20:00 , back to hotel 1n 4/nov     08:00~13:00 Wando ferry to Jeju island,              15;00~18:00 Hanrim park, Hanrim beach, lunch(bibimbap and pancake traditional),dinner(sea food)              19:00 return to hotel 1n 5/nov     08:00~ 16:00 Seongsan peak(UNESCO heritage),Manjang cave,Colunar joint, lunch(Nengmyun: noddle traditional),dinner(grilled black pork chop) ,              18:00 back to hotel 1n 6/nov     08:00~13:00 Jeju island to Wando by ferry,lunch(traditional cuisine)              13:00~20:00 Andong hwahe village,dinner(traditional cuisine)              20:00  back to hotel 1n 7/nov     08:00~14:00 Buseok temple(UNESCO heritage),lunch(bibimbap traditional)              14:00~20:00 mt. Seolak, dinner(seafood east coast)               20:00 back to hotel 1n 8/nov     08:00~16:00  east coast, Nami island(by ferry,walking),lunch(grilled chicken traditional)               16:00~20:00 back to seoul, Namsan-T,dinner(buffet traditional)               20:00 back to hotel 1n 9/nov     08:00~16:00  Changdeok palace and secret garden,Royal shrine,lunch(pancake traditional)               16:00~19:00  Dongdaemun market, dinner(cuisine,grilled beef)                19:00  back to hotel 1n 10/nov   10:00~14:00  Myeongdong market  for souvenirs and shopping,                14:00  sending to Incheon airport