Top Choice Museum in Mokpo & Around

National Maritime Museum

This is the only museum in Korea dedicated to the country’s maritime history. The highlights are two shipwrecks, one dating from the 11th century and the other from the early 14th century. Thousands of priceless ite…
Museum in Gwangju

Gwangju National Museum

The Gwangju National Museum’s collection traces the region’s cultural history, from its prehistorical beginnings through the Joseon period (1392–1897), via artifacts, paintings and calligraphy. Look out for the Chin…
Museum in Gwangju

Gwangju Folk Museum

Learn about traditional life in Jeollanam-do through the somewhat retro-looking dioramas and models here, which cover everything from kimchi and clothing to courtship rituals and shamanism.
Museum in Gwangju

Gwangju Museum of Art

Managed by the same folks who put on the Gwangju Biennale, this art museum shows up-and-coming Korean artists along with more established local names, such as Heo Baek-ryeon (pen name Uijae) and Oh Ji Ho.
Museum in Gwangju

Uijae Museum of Korean Art

This gallery displays landscape, flower and bird paintings by the famed Heo Baek-ryeon (1891–1977), whose pen name was Uijae. His rebuilt house is a short walk away. About halfway between Uijae and Jeungsim-sa is th…
Memorial in Gwangju

May 18th National Cemetery

Opened in 1997, this is the final burial place for victims of the May 18 Democratic Uprising of 1980, one of the most tragic incidents in modern Korean history. Officially, the casualties include 228 dead or missing…
Museum in Around Gwangju

Korea Bamboo Museum

Lightweight and durable, bamboo can be made into pretty much anything – as you'll see at this museum, which is basically a showroom for bamboo products, both traditional and modern.
Temple in Gurye


Founded by priest Yeongi in AD 544 after his return from India, this ancient temple dedicated to the Birojana Buddha is enveloped by the beautiful natural surroundings of Jirisan National Park. Last rebuilt in 1636,…
Temple in Jogyesan Provincial Park


Songgwang-sa is considered one of the three jewels of Korean Buddhism (along with Tongdo-sa and Haein-sa, in Gyeongsangnam-do). Featured in the Little Monk movie, it is a regional head temple of the Jogye sect, by f…
Temple in Around Gwangju


Legend has it that Unju-sa originally housed 1000 Buddhas and 1000 pagodas, built because, according to traditional geomancy, the southwest of the country lacked hills and needed the pagodas to ‘balance’ the peninsu…