Top Choice Museum in Jeju-si

Jeju April 3 Peace Park

Thoughtful and evocative, this museum chronicles the events that led up to and followed the ‘April 3 Incident’ – a series of island massacres between 1947 and 1954 that resulted in 30,000 deaths and the destruction …
Museum in Jeju-si

Arario Museum

One of the island's most interesting art projects, Arario has four galleries in renovated buildings in and around the Tapdong area hosting permanent and temporary exhibitions by Korean and international artists. The…
Historic Site in Jeju-si

Jeju Mokgwana

Jeju's administrative centre under the Joseon dynasty, destroyed during Japanese rule, has been reconstructed. The cluster of historical buildings have an austere style that is designed to promote virtue. You can ha…
Park in Jeju-si

Jeju Stone Park

Creating a park dedicated to rocks on a rock-littered island might sound a snooze, but you’ll quickly reassess that opinion after touring this beguiling sculpture park. Three walking trails (between 560m and 970m in…
Forest in Jeju-si

Saryeoni Forest

On the eastern border of Hallasan National Park, this is a popular weekend walking destination with 15km of forest paths shaded by maples, oaks and cedars, with the occasional roaming deer. Plan on four hours to wal…
Waterfront in Jeju-si

Tapdong Promenade & Waterbreak

Jeju-si itself doesn’t have a beach, but along the Tapdong seafront runs this pleasant promenade. At the eastern end, walk along the mosaic-decorated sea wall. There’s also a small amusement park and an outdoor band…
Museum in Jeju-si

Jeju Loveland

This erotic theme park created by art students and graduates of Seoul’s Hongik University features hundreds of sexy and frequently comic sculptures, soft-core art galleries and adult-toy stores. The park is a short …
Beach in Jeju-si

Iho Tewoo Beach

The nearest beach to Jeju-si is blessed with an unusual mixture of yellow and grey sand, which means you can build two-tone sandcastles. There’s shallow water that makes for safe swimming.
Gallery in Jeju-si

Jeju Museum of Art

View interesting permanent and temporary exhibits of contemporary visual art at this excellent gallery next to Jeju Loveland. The beautifully designed building appears to float on a pool of water. It's on the Jeju G…
Viewpoint in Jeju-si

Yongduam Rock

‘Dragon Head Rock’ (so called because the volcanic rocks are supposed to resemble a dragon) attracts coachloads of tourists. Besides rock watching, plane spotting is a popular activity – aeroplanes fly just a few hu…